Our Executive team


Xavier Saigne

Position: Co-founder and Managing Director

Xavier Saigne has been involved during 19 years on innovative industrial training implementations, software implementations and projects relative to mechanical design (product & process), industrial risks analysis & management, statistical analysis.

His career has a strong international orientation. Xavier has participated to many industrial projects in the Automotive and aerospace industries in France as well as in Europe, in the USA and in Asia.

  • Co-responsible for the creation of the UK branch of Cognition France.
  • Responsability for all sales, training, technical support in Europe, Asia, USA, for Enventive Engineering (USA).

Xavier has also a long experience in the tailoring and implementation of training sessions in industrial environment (More than 300 training sessions done, several thousands of persons trained).

Xavier’s objective id to be able to lead vertice engineering’s clients towards products and processes of better quality and reliability, thanks to the application of innovative tools and methodologies, from R&D and pre-design, up to production launch and serial life.

Xavier follows a constant self training discipline, in line with the evolution of standards, regulations, academic researches and technological innovations.

Xavier graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon (1999).


Brice Gravelle

Position: BriceGravelle.position

Brice Gravelle has spent 17 years in group PSA (now Stellantis). He has held various positions in technical fields (stamping, interior and exterior equipment) and in functions oriented in internal and supplier quality, project management and purchasing.

His career has a strong international orientation. Brice has carried out several long-term missions in Argentina, Slovakia and Spain. He has participated in several vehicle industrial launches at the group’s various sites in France and abroad.

After 2-year within an automotive supplier (plastics), Brice then chose to share his experience by bringing to others what he learned himself through his career.

In 2020, he naturally joined Vertice Engineering, where he shares the values of support and quality of the training course.

With his experience in a large group, he helps Vertice develop and improve its operating processes to take its customers even further!

Brice graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lille.