Our skills to go further !

The expertise of Vertice Engineering represents a key tool for the industrial performance of its customers.

For example: to control the risks efficiently (via the FMEA methos) during a product and process development can allow to avoid omissions or errors in the chosen product and process controls. This can represent savings of several thousand to several million dollars.

Another example: Being able to carry out the functional dimensioning of a product or a machine without "forgetting" functionally important dimensioning elements can result in savings of the same order.

The subjects on which we bring our expertise in the form of engineering expertise are the following :

  • Functional analysis and FMEA (Product, Process, Reverse Process, Logistic flows) (AIAG/VDA or other reference).
  • Problem solving methods (8D, QRQC, A3, DMAIC...).
  • Functional Analysis and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (ISO GPS or ASME Y14.5).
  • Statistical analysis of tolerances (Taking into account 2D/3D effects and process off-centering).
  • Measurement Systems Analysis (AIAG MSA 4.0, AS13100 and RM13003, VDA 5).
  • Statistical Process control (AIAG SPC Second Edition).
  • Design of experiments (Using Minitab or MS Excel).

The objectives associated, by our customers, to these engineering activities can be :

  • Group wide improvement of practices, tools, skills and processes on these topics.
  • Solving specific/complex product/process problems.
  • Providing additional resources in order to address a heavy workload and/or reorganization.

The members of the Vertice Engineering team have decades of experience on these subjects and know how to implement them in an efficient way, bringing substantial and fast gains.

Please contact us directly to determine together how we could help you.

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